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This started life as a Delta wing model and then had an upper wing grafted on - still needs some work

The original "Oblong" was a plan by J J Rutter in the 1994 Radio Modeller, with 50" span and 4 channels for  40 glow motors. I have scaled it down to 36" span (for obvious reasons) and electric power. Materials are balsa, spruce and ply.

Motor: 145 watt E max 2822 1200 Kv (£ 7)

ESC:  20 amp ESC with BEC (£7.80) 

Servos: 4 off E max ES 08A giving 1.5 kg.cm (£ 3.25 each) Battery: Polypower 3S x 1000 lipo (£6.90). 

Prop: 9 x5

Wing area: 300 sq ins

AUW:  30 oz

Receiver: 35MHz


Model: Hopscotch

Flying surfaces taken from free mag plan called Bellhop. Fuselage own design. Span 39 ins. Wing area 290 sq ins. AUW 26 oz. Materials balsa, spruce, tissue,

4 ch. motor 200 watts. ESC 35 amps. Lipo 3s x. 1000.  Prop 9 x 6.

Now to be sent to paint shop.


Model:  Wing Ding

I scaled the design up to 36” span for 3 ch. R/C.

Motor: Emax 2822,

ESC: 20 amp

Batteries: 3S x 400 mAh

Servos: Emax ES 08

GWS mixer

AUW: 13oz, 130 sq ins

Prop: 7 x4


Forward swept flying wing, originally 24 inch span F/F for .01/.02 glow motors.  Plan published June 1965 in mag. Model Aircraft, now on Outerzone, designed by Eric Clutton.


Test flown by Dave Barker he reported all OK except for a little tweaking in the up elevon area.


Model  COIN- FOO, plan from Outerzone 

Originally from 1979  U S magazine “ Model Airplane News” for small glows.
36” span,cabin r/ c , 230 sq “, 20oz, 140 watt motor, 3 s x 1000, 20 amp ESC, 7 x 4 prop. 3 ch.

Would be interested to hear if anyone knows where the name originates.



Last modified: July 30, 2018